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The mission of the Fred Schnider Gallery of Art is to bring together artists of all mediums and styles to showcase their work to Arlington, Virginia and its surrounding communities. We celebrate the unique connection that art can create among friends and strangers alike. 

Who We Are

The Fred Schnider Gallery of Art features exhibitions of artists throughout the Washington, DC metro area. We showcase a diverse range of media and styles, through a continual evolution of short-term exhibits. 

Located in Arlington, Virginia’s Ballston neighborhood, the gallery is an intimate and open canvas to display an array of work. Established by the Fred Schnider Investment Group in May of 2018, our goal is to foster relationships between artists, art lovers and the community overall.  



The Fred Schnider Gallery of Art is brought to you by Fred Schnider Investments.  Visit Fred Schnider Investments to learn more about what we do.

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