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Allen "Big Al" Carter | A Retrospective (1947-2008)

An Exhibit Celebrating One of DC's Area's Most Beloved Artists

January 25th - March 3rd

Gallery Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 12-5pm

An Arlington, Virginia native who spent much of his childhood honing his art skills through Arlington’s public schools, Allen D. Carter (a.k.a. Big Al) was  “larger than life,” both in personality and work. Join us in celebrating Black History Month with one of the DC area's most celebrated African American artists.

Carter's paintings, sculptures and murals were painted with what he called “controlled drips, like (Marcel) Duchamp does,” and loose, yet deliberate scribbles of color that left no part of canvas untouched. He often painted portraits that captured the honesty and emotion of everyday people in African American society. He also loved working with the youth and he was a true inspiration to the students that he taught.

His daughters, Flora and Cecilia have partnered with us in this exhibit as a true tribute to one of Washington Metro’s greatest artists. 

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