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Francie Hester

Confluence explores the potential for abstraction to meaningfully engage memory. The fluidity of surfaces interrelates with imperfections of recollection. Pivotal moments come into sharp focus; others are imprecise. A process-based practice on aluminum honeycomb panels, the exploratory process of building layers and deconstructing them through sanding and scraping emerges as an integral component of the work. 

The exhibition also includes Crossing Lines, which draws on the literal and figurative uses of the word "line" — bloodlines, headlines, lines of civic boundaries and lines of individual identity, and lines that are emotional, spiritual, and physical. 

I focus on the relationship of unpremeditated actions of building a surface with the repetitive patterns of drips, hand-drawn grids, fragmented shapes, and unfound imagery to create a visual image where the arbitrary and systematic are at play. 

Francie Hester Poster small 72dpi Flattened.jpg
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