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Mary Annella Frank

The works in "Creature Comforts" are a private indulgence and exploration into the craft of welding. My earliest introduction was fueled by a fascination for the magic and wonder of assembling bits of steel in the hope that something interesting would emerge. It is a mix of the organic creative process with an industrial media that gives a tension between play and the reality of material. As most artists will explain, it is often through these studio experiments that entire bodies of work emerge. 

Most of these works found their inspiration in everyday experiences. One spring day a bunny hopped into my open studio door. In another instance, a dead tree was about to be taken down. My daughter resisted posing for me and I captured a priceless stance. One of my objectives has been to make work that appears finished and yet leave the process brutally evident. Welding is about heating, banging, fusing, and grinding. It is quite physical and yet has the directness and immedicany of drawing and painting. It is these very same characteristics traits that keep me returning to welded steel over and over. 

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