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Current Exhibition


Melanie Kehoss

Exhibit Dates:

September 7th - October 26th

Melanie Kehoss' lightboxes explore the origins of cultural phenomena, from cuisine to mourning, to social media. She investigates how customs evolve through the mingling of cultures, and with the sway of technology and trade. Texts, photographs, paintings, and memories inform the images, which illustrate scenes from antiquity to today. 

The interior tableaux are typically cut from a single sheet of paper, echoing the linked nature of the elements.  Each composition is like a puzzle that requires thoughtful consideration of positive and negative space.  Kehoss relishes the smooth, controlled, yet gestural line that a hand-held knife creates.

Kehoss makes lightboxes to create the feeling of looking into another world. Mirrors lining the interior create the impression of a limitless scene. The settings referenced within the tableaux inspire the patterns framing the images, and backlighting brings them to life.

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