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"Material Reality", Reinventing what is Obsolete

The Fred Schnider Gallery of Art (888 N. Quincy Street, Arlington, VA) begins 2021 with “Material Reality”, an exhibit that joins the work of Northern Virginia artists, Sherry Trachtman and Jenny Wu. “Material Reality” is a collection of small scale pieces which upon close examination, are a culmination of unique layers of materials. Both artists transform objects now considered obsolete, such as cassette tapes and floppy disks and their cases, by taking them out of context and representing them in an entirely new creative form.

Curator, David Carlson, was familiar with each artist’s work, and found strong parallels between the two that he felt would make for a captivating joint exhibit. “The foundational use of material and the power of intimacy by both artists became connecting threads. Each person has a unique voice and their individual approach gives pause to the underlying meaning of the work. By including Wu’s installation of dangling cassette tape with Trachtman’s floppy disks and cases, the idea of obsolete materials connects the two artists on another parallel,” explains Carlson. Knowing that both artists attended American University in Washington, DC, offered him another significant bond between Wu and Trachtman in their artistic progressions.

The exhibit runs January 9th through February 27th, by private tour. Special tours guided by the artists are also available throughout the exhibit’s run. Those wanting to view “Material Reality” are welcome to call the gallery at 301.852.8052 to schedule their tour. Hours are Thursday-Sunday, 12-7pm. If a tour with the artist is preferred, please inquire about the dates and times available. The gallery requests that visiting groups do not exceed six people in alignment with COVID safety guidelines.


When: Exhibit will run January 9th through February 27th with private tours available each week from Thursday - Sunday, 12-7 pm. Special tours led by the artists are available throughout the exhibit.

Where: Fred Schnider Gallery of Art - 888 N. Quincy Street, Suite 102, Arlington, Virginia (, Phone: 301.852.8052


Jenny Wu is an artist and educator. She is the 2018-2021 Touchstone Foundation for the Arts Emerging Artist Fellow, and professorial lecturer at American University. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from William Smith College in Studio Art as well as in Architectural Studies, and an M.F.A. in Studio Art from American University.

Sherry Trachtman is an Arlington, VA based visual artist working for the past fifteen years, in Collage Assemblage. She received both her BA in Design and MFA in Painting from American University. Trachtman is Professor Emerita at Northern Virginia Community College where she served on the fine arts faculty at the Alexandria Campus for over 30 years. Trachtman has been a Signature Member of the National Collage Society since 2014.


Contact: 301.852.8052 or email


Contact: Liz Sacks,

About the Fred Schnider Gallery of Art: Located in Arlington’s Ballston neighborhood, the Fred Schnider Gallery of Art opened in Spring 2018 and exhibits works from acclaimed artists around the Washington, DC area. The gallery’s exhibits strive to bring the community together to experience and be a part of the talented art culture throughout the region, including collaborations with local universities. The gallery is a part of the Fred Schnider Investment Group, a family-owned organization deeply rooted in the growth and development of Arlington, VA and its surrounding communities. For more info, visit

Sherry Trachtman, “MATH”, various papers, plastic, glass and metal objects, acrylic paint on wood 8”x8”x1” (2019)

Sherry Trachtman, “Satellite Communication”, various papers, photos, plastic and metal objects, color pencils, cording on wood, 8”x8”x3” (2020)

Jenny Wu, “Meaningful Access” (detail), latex paint and resin on wood panel, 20”x16”x2.5” (2020)

Jenny Wu, “CHINA!” (detail), latex paint and resin on wood panel, 6”x6”x2.5” (2020)

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