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Now Exhibiting:

 "Cross Pollination"
 Delna Dastur

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 November 10 - Dec 30
 Hours: Thursday - Saturday, 12-7 pm, Sun, 12- 5 pm.

Next Event: 'Artist Talk' with Delna Dastur

Time: Sat Dec 9th, 5-7 PM

Register for the 'Aritst Talk' with eventbrite 👉

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Gallery Schedule and Upcoming Shows:

Delna Dastur Poster_full size copy jpeg.jpg

Apr 29-Jun 23

Sean Dudley, David Sturtevant, and Sharon Fishel's

"Sense of Place"

Sept 1- Oct 23

Joseph Cortina and Stephanie Lane's "Suspended Animation"

Nov 10- Dec 23


Delna Dastur's "Cross Pollination"

Jan 6- Feb 18

Judy Southerland

Coming Soon

Cortina Lane media 72dpi.jpg



Out of My Mind
David Carlson

David Carlson’s Fields and Transformation series is about process and the contemplative state that is developed from the artist and the viewer. The varying methods of scraping, brushing, and sanding are applied until the painting is completed.

Panoramic Photography
-A Broader Sense of Place

By photographing, blending and stitching multiple exposures of a scene together into a seamless composition, an interesting passage of time and space is portrayed within the still image confine.

Sam Kittner

About Fred Schnider


The relationships we build are as important as the places we create. 

Fred Schnider is a real estate investment and development firm specializing in urban and suburban mixed-use and residential properties.  Since 1940 we’ve been building beautiful and thriving communities in the Washington, DC area and have always been committed to creating places that attract new opportunity and limitless possibility.

We have deep roots in the Washington, DC real estate market and have been a major player in the remarkable transformation this area has undergone. We’ve spearheaded the development of thousands of mixed-use and custom properties and, most recently, millions of square feet in prime mixed-use development throughout Arlington.

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